Spidey’s Web aims to create a perfect fusion of your vision with our engineering to help push your brand to the front lines of success. We aim to marry fearless artistic spirit with ruthless consistency, so that your brand can be heard loudly and clearly. Our philosophy is rooted in both artistry and strategy. It’s our goal to foster creativity and build timeless work that connects people.

We create efficient and affordable solutions for data logging, monitoring and automation. We engineer process-control, test and measurement systems

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Full Stack
Development for the connected world

Spidey’s Web develops custom software and hardware solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporation irrespective of their industry. Our team caters to the needs of the global clients in all time zones.

What We Do

Web Design

IoT Solutions

Desktop App

Areas in Iot/Automation

  • Data Acquisition, systems integration and instrument and process control
  • Embedded firmware for micro-controller, microprocessor and DSP hardware
  • Processing and Analysis of data
  • Simulation and Modeling of physical properties
  • Design and Development of efficient Graphical User Interfaces
  • Data Presentation and Visualization
  • Reporting and Management of data and information

Custom Programming
& Engineering

We create prototypes, hardware design, enclosure, firmware and drivers, followed by business software and user apps. Technically everything you need to launch your new product on the market.

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